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Dr Raul Alba

Veterinary Surgeons

Dr Raul Alba
Dr Raul Alba MRCVS

I graduated in 2010 from University of Timisoara, Romania. I have been practising as a small animals vet in Timisoara for 5 enjoyable years, then in 2015, I took the opportunity to work and live abroad, so I moved to UK and had a fresh start with Hillman Vets team in May 2017, which I am very proud of and I can truly say that I have an amazing team around me, which made me feel very welcomed since day 1.

I like all the aspects of working with companion animals but I have a special interest in internal medicine and dermatology, but generally making pets feeling better gives me a huge sense of reward.

Back home I have Ema, a 5 years old Belgian Shepherd female and  I do miss having her around for company and cuddles...

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, listening to music and socialising with friends.