Pet Ownership

Our Top Tips

Insure your pet
Because you love your pet, you want to be able to provide the best care possible. When your pet is injured or ill, difficult decisions sometimes have to be made. With no NHS available for pets, the best care can often be expensive. A relatively small, regular payment relieves financial stress, should the unexpected happen. Our practice recommends PetPlan Insurance, information leaflets and advice available from reception.
Vaccinate your pet
Vaccination is the only safe way to provide immunity against a number of dangerous diseases which continue to infect dogs and cats in the UK. When kept up to date, regular vaccination can keep your pet protected for life.

Immunity is the body’s natural ability to fight infection. Vaccination confers immunity by exposing the body to a small but entirely harmless dose of the disease. Puppies and kittens are usually protected during the first few weeks of life by an immunity passed through their mother’s milk (Colostrum). However, this immunity fades rapidly, leaving the puppy/kitten susceptible to disease within a few weeks. At this point the vaccination can take over in providing protection. Once your puppy/kitten has completed a vaccination course, an annual booster is all it takes to keep them immune. Ask at reception about our ‘booster for life’ offer.
Kennel Cough
Kennel Cough is a highly contagious disease of the dog’s respiratory tract. Dogs of all ages can be affected and signs include a harsh, dry, convulsive cough – very much like whooping cough in humans. The disease can be caused by a number of bacterial and viral agents including Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus. The coughing can last for some weeks and during this time more serious complications such as pneumonia may arise. In puppies or older dogs, or where there are other health problems, such complications can occasionally prove fatal. Kennel Cough is passed from dog to dog via airborne droplets – a case of ‘coughs and sneezes spreading diseases’ – and by nose-to-nose contact. Kennel Cough vaccine is a separate vaccine and is not usually part of the vaccination course but is best given at the same time as vaccination. Advice and vaccines available at our practice.
We advise that all dogs and cats are neutered (unless you are planning to breed from him or her in which case we advise you to have them neutered afterwards). Apart from the obvious benefit of preventing unwanted pregnancies, neutering brings many health and behavioural advantages. The neutering operation for both male and female dogs is a day patient procedure and we would expect your dog to be fully recovered within a few weeks.

The procedure can be carried out from five months of age. The age that we neuter bitches at depends on the breed and size of the dog so the vet will discuss your pet’s individual needs with you. As with dogs, a cat neutering operation is a day patient procedure and most cats are back to their normal selves within a few days. The operation can be carried out from 5 months of age. The vet will discuss with you the individual needs of your cat.

If you do not want to breed your pet, neutering should be considered. Spaying can prevent some medical conditions like breast cancer and womb infections. A neutered male is less likely to get cancer of the reproductive tract and will be more likely to stay at home instead of wandering in search of a mate. If you have concerns that your pet may have mated and is not neutered, it is advisable to see your vet straight away. Recommendations/advice available from our practice.
Feed a well-balanced diet
Our practice recommends Royal Canin food for all life stages of your puppy/kitten, adult dog or adult cat. It is important to feed your pet with nutritious food that is both suitable for their age and size. We have Pet Health Advisors in branch that can give you advice on diets and run health clinics. All Royal Canin life stage food is available in practice.
Ensure your pet is treated for fleas & worms on a regular basis
Fleas are not only harmful to the pet but also to the owner. Fleas can cause many dermatological problems, they can live within the house as well as on the pet and can be passed onto humans quite easily. Worms can cause many intestinal problems which again can easily be passed onto humans. Most preparations are safe, inexpensive and highly effective. Recommended doses and products available from our practice.
Clean up after your pet
Remember to ‘scoop the poop’ as this can be the easiest way that animals can pick up parasites from the environment. Recommended products to do this hygienically available from our practice.
Clean & groom your pet/dental procedures
Regular grooming is needed to keep coats clean & healthy. It also provides a good opportunity to check for parasites and signs of illness from condition of the coat. Toenails/beaks etc may also require regular attention. Grooming products and services are also available from our practice.

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is a big part of our grooming and so should it be with your pet. Looking after your pet’s teeth and keeping them clean and healthy will help keep your pet healthy too. We offer a wide range of dental products and services.

Control your pet/microchip
Do not let your pet stray or be a nuisance to others. Collars and tags are useful forms of identification but there are more permanent forms available such as microchipping. Products/advice/services available from this practice. It is now a legal requirement to microchip your dog, if not you could face a £500 fine.
Exercise your pet
In order to keep your pet healthy, like us, they need exercise. By interacting and playing with your cat, they will benefit from this type of exercise. Walking your dog can be beneficial to both of you and something you can both look forward to. Advice on harnesses/halties, leads and collars available at the practice. Products also available for sale in practice.